Pictures from Topeka Railroad Days, Page 2


The BNSF business cars used on the excursion trains

The head end power (HEP) car Stampede Pass. The grates on the left conceal the fans needed to cool off the HEP generator.

The ex-Santa Fe 4-4-2 sleeper Donner Pass.

The inspection car William B. Strong. When this car is at the end of the train the roll-up door on the end of the car is opened, revealing a window.

The coach Skagit River. The train had three of these River series cars. This car started as a SP bi-level commuter car, and was converted to a single-level coach by a short-lived luxury train operator. The cars were later purchased by BNSF.

The star of the train: BNSF's ex-SF full-length dome "Bay View."

The interior of the upper level of the "Bay View."

The interior of the lower level of the "Bay View."

The interior of one of the "River" series coaches.

A bedroom in the HEP car "Stampede Pass." A mechanic has his tools spread out on the bed.

The interior of the board room car "Fred Harvey." This car is an ex-SF diner.

The interior of the inspection car "William B. Strong."

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