Pictures from Topeka Railroad Days, Page 1


The excursion train at the Topeka Amtrak (ex-Santa Fe) station after returning from Lawrence, KS.

A volunteer conductor at the Topeka station next to the BNSF full dome "Bay View."

A volunteer dresses up as Fred Harvey.

The first train of the day ran to Osage City, KS on the ex-Santa Fe main line west of Topeka. This is the ex-SF depot, now a local museum.

The second train of the day ran east to Lawrence, KS. This is the platform to the ex-SF station, now used by Amtrak.

The excursion train at Lawrence ready to return to Topeka. The power was run around the train east of the station. Ice cream was served to all passengers in the tent on the right.

The third trip of the day ran to DeSoto, which was east of Lawrence on the ex-SF main. The train is ready for re-boarding for the return trip in this picture, and a conductor walks by with a lantern.

On display 9/4/00 at Topeka Railroad Days: A Santa Fe rotary plow.

Also on display: a BNSF work car, which was a Santa Fe combine used on mixed trains.

The torch-bearing car from the 1996 Olympics on display.

The Union Pacific Centennial diesel on display at Railroad Days.

On 9/2/00 the excursion roars through a small town en route to DeSoto. The high that day was 109 degrees.

The inspection car William B. Strong at the end of the train as it flies past.

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