Pictures of the Gorss family, page 1

Gorss Chevrolet. From the cars, I would date the picture 1955 at the latest.

Another view.

A license plate on the black car on the left in the above photo.

A license plate on the brown car on the right in the above photo.

Jerry Gorss at the Montgomery airport.

Jerry Gorss at the Montgomery airport.

The Gorss brothers at the Montgomery airport.

Fritz in his Sunday best.

Fritz gets a horse ride.

This is a picture that was used on Christmas card. Grandma was determined to get a curl in Fritz's straight-as-nails hair.

Grandma enjoys her horse ride in Jordan.

Grandma visits an alligator farm.

Who wants to be there less? Santa or Steve?

Christmas 1972 in Norwich. Anne Marie had the kitchen set (stove, oven, refrigerator) for many years.

Bill Tarbell took this picture in the TV room.

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