Pictures of the Gorss family, page 11.

These pictures are from the collection of JoAnn Simon.

Gerald Gorss, Clarence Gorss, and Jean Anderson. Montgomery, NY: 1942

Donald, Gerald, Alice, and Jim: by Brown's Photo Service, Broadalbin, NY: 1939

Don and Gerald Gorss: by Brown's Photo Service, Broadalbin, NY: Novermber 27, 1939

Broadalbin, NY: October 7, 1945

Back Row: Mayme Gorss, Alice, Jo-Ann, Jim Morgan
Front Row: Alberta Bunn, Pearl Anderson, Fred Gorss, Chester Brown. Broadalbin, NY: July 24, 1949

Clarence and Gladys Gorss. Broadalbin, NY: February 28, 1937

Broadalbin, NY: Brown's Photo Service. November 29, 1939

Everett Bunn, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bunn, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gorss: Montgomery, NY. May 15, 1955

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