Pictures of the Gorss family, page 2.

These pictures are all scanned from slides taken in the mid to late 1960s. Most have not been shown for nearly 30 years.

The man and his machine. Taken in the driveway at 73 Weaver St. November, 1964.

Waterskiing at Lewey or Orange Lake. Slide not dated.

The flagpole and boat house at Pleasure Lake.

A day at Orange Lake. Jane, Mary Sue, and Lois are seated to the left. Neil and Bonnie are behind them. Jerry and Lynne are in the boat to the right, and Steve and Fritz are next to the boat. Slide not dated.

The same day at Orange Lake. From left, Mrs. Greening (Uncle Bud's mother), Aunt Alma, Carrie (who worked for the Greenings), Grandma Gorss, Mr. Greening. Aunt Eleanor is in back. Slide not dated.

On a pier in Florida. Aunt Blanche, Aunt Alma, Dot Tompkins. March 1966.

Bobby Kennedy's plane, probably during his 1964 senatorial campaign. I think that is RFK in the gray suit with his back to the camera. I think Ethel is standing behind the woman in the pink dress. Slide not dated.

In the Valley Central band. June 1966.

According to the label on the box, the senior prom. Was "baby blue" the hot color that year? June 1967.

In the backyard at 73 Weaver St. June 1964.

Fritz's 18th birthday party.

Enjoying some cake at Fritz's 18th birthday party.

John and Pat Osterhout's wedding. September 1963. Uncle Ray Osterhout is on the left. Dick Osterhout is on the right.

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