My trip on The Pacific Starlight Dinner Train, on BC Rail, North Vancouver, BC


Pacific Starlight has three dome cars. This is the ex-Milwaukee Road # 57. It had stainless steel applied to the sides by a previous owner. It is incorrectly identified by Pacific Starlight as being ex-GN and CB&Q. It is now called the "Stardust" by the Pacific Starlight.

This is the ex-Western Pacific RR # 812, now called the "Moonglow."

This is the ex-Santa Fe RR # 500. It is now called the "Twilight."

The dome interior of the "Twilight." The "Moonglow" has a similar interior under the dome.

The downstairs dining area and stairs to the dome in the "Twilight."

The "starlight" pattern in the ceiling on the "Twilight."

The under-dome bar in the "Twilight."

The under-dome lounge in the "Twilight." To the right is the entrance to the "Turquoise Room", which was the first-class dining room on the Santa Fe's Chief and Southwest Chief.

My first view of a Turquoise Room...I was quite disappointed to find that it is now the bus station, where the glasses are stored.

The Turquoise Room. Note that the Turquoise was replaced with a cheap painting of a girl.

The dining area in the "Stardust."

The area under the dome in the "Stardust." It is now a kitchen.

The dining area in the ex-C&O observation car.

All pictures copyright 2000 by Chris Jacks. Reproduction with my permission only. Thank you.

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