My trip on the Canadian (part one)


The journey begins at Toronto Union Station.

The inside of the dining car # 8410. It is an ex-CP full-length Budd diner.

The Canadian is one of the very few trains since the 1960s to have sections. The section is made up of two seats that fold down to make a bed, and another bed that pulls down from the ceiling.

The sections at night. Curtains are pulled over the beds.

The dome in the Park-series dome-observation car.

The round end of the Park-series dome-observation car.

A typical vista dome view, from the Park car.

Enjoying the view from the Park dome car just out of Toronto.

A typical view of the rocky Canadian Shield landscape.

A station stop, where passengers can get out and walk around.

Canola fields near Winnipeg.

A tunnel, as viewed from the rear of the Park observation car.

All pictures copyright 2000 by Chris Jacks. Reproduction with my permission only. Thank you.

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